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How do I sell items to The Haunted Game Cafe?

Please be aware that you must be in "Selling Mode" to sell cards to us. The menu bar should say "Buylist" in the upper right.

buylist menu mode


You can quickly and easily find the items you wish to sell by using our search bar, advanced search, or set-based links on the left. Once you've located an item you are interested in selling to us, just add it to your Sell Cart. If our system fails to produce the item you're looking for, it is likely something we are not buying at this time.

Follow the system prompts to submit your sell order. 

Wait for the confirmation email to arrive. After you submit your buylist, we have to double-check that we want to buy everything at the posted prices. Usually this takes less than one business day, but please read this email carefully when it arrives because sometimes we do make changes. If you do not receive a confirmation email within two business days, please contact us at so we can manually confirm the status of your buylist.

We reserve the right to take up to 24 hours grading buylists.  

Make sure that cards are sorted in the EXACT order that they appear on your confirmation email. If your cards arrive out of order, please expect an additional delay of up to 5 business days before completion of your buylist. Please note that in cases such as large buylists that arrive in no order at all, we reserve the right to either return the entire order or assess a penalty of up to 10% of the final value of your buylist. We will contact you before processing your buylist if we intend to return it or assess a penalty.

Additionally, please do not give us sleeved cards; in order to grade cards, we must unsleeve them.  With many cards, that can be time consuming... and the less time it takes to grade your cards, the sooner you will be paid! 

You'll receive an automatic email once your cards have been graded and a final value has been determined. Please keep in mind that what we pay for cards depends on condition. We will send you an email about any cards that have been erroneously added or have been graded differently than entered. Extra cards not picked up within 30 days will be considered abandoned and become the property of The Haunted Game Cafe.

If you want to make a change to your buylist for any reason (to remove a card from the list, for instance), please include a note with the cards. If you wish to add cards, please submit a second buylist. Please feel free to include multiple buylists in one package, but remember to include a note telling us that you're submitting cards for multiple buylists.  Once we have received the cards, it is more difficult to make changes; contact us directly about these issues.  

*Important* We are currently only buying English cards unless otherwise noted. If we receive foreign cards in place of English ones, we reserve the right to discount their price by up to 50% or return them to you at your expense.

You have up to 14 days to for your mailed items to arrive, or for you to drop off your items at the shop. After 14 days, your order may be canceled.

Our buylist is updated often!

Have something to sell, but it's not on the list? Come in and talk to us at the shop, or send us an email at There may be some obscure cards that are not yet on our buylist.


We offer payment via cash or store credit

To receive cash for the cards we will buy, please select "Check" in the checkout process, and we will change it to cash when you drop off the cards.

We give 20% more in store credit on all non-Bulk items. Store credit can be used on anything in the store, including drinks, food, and events. Store credit doesn't expire, so feel free to keep it until you need it.

If you submit a buylist to us, please do not reply to the confirmation email. We won't be able to see your reply. Instead, please contact

Please note that we only buy cards in Mint or Near Mint condition and in English. Cards graded below Near Mint may be bought by us at a lower price or returned to you at your expense.


The Haunted Game Cafe currently sells cards graded into one of five possible conditions

Near Mint: A card in Near Mint condition will show little-to-no wear. It may have a light scratch, small nick, or barely noticeable border wear. A foil card will have little-to-no clouding and retain most, or all, of its original gloss. 

Lightly Played: A card in Lightly Played condition will show visible, minor wear. It may have mild border or corner wear, minor bending, light scratching, small nicks, light scuffing, or very minor border creasing. A foil card may also have lost some of its original gloss and show moderate clouding. Signed card, or cards bearing a Pro Tour Stamp that would otherwise be graded as Near Mint are graded as Lightly Played.

Heavily Played: A card in Heavily Played condition will show easily visible, but not extreme, wear. It may have extensive border or corner wear, major bending, major scratching, major nicks, major scuffing, major creasing along the top border from shuffling, moderate whitening, slight inking along the borders, slight tearing along the borders, minor water damage, minor dirt buildup, or slight discoloration. A foil card may also have lost most of its original gloss and display major clouding.

Damaged: A card in Damaged condition will show easily visible, extreme wear. It may have major whitening, heavy inking, major creasing or tearing, extensive water damage, writing on the front or back, missing pieces, extensive dirt buildup, or extreme discoloration. A foil card may also have lost all of its original gloss.

If you are selling us cards, please double check your cards for condition before sending them in. We try to be fair and accurate in our grading, and most of our cards are only accepted at Near Mint. Please make it as quick as possible for everyone involved by ensuring that the cards you are sending are Near Mint.

*Important* Cards submitted to use that we grade at lower than Near Mint may be bought by us at a lower price or returned to you. We buy most Lightly Played cards at 80% of their Near Mint price, Heavily Played cards at 60% of their Near Mint price and Damaged cards at 50% of their Near Mint price, though some exceptions may apply. Non-bulk rares (or valuable commons and uncommons) that arrive in worse than Near Mint condition may be returned to you at your expense. In addition, any bulk rare that arrives in worse than Near Mint condition will be bought for $0.05. Any common or uncommon that we buy for $0.10 or less that arrives in worse than Near Mint condition will instead be bought at our bulk rate of 1/4 penny each. If you wish to avoid these downgrades or shipping charges, please carefully check the condition of your cards before sending them in.


We Buy Bulk!

Don't see your cards listed? Don't worry, we sometimes buy bulk cards too. Please contact us at directly for the most up-to-date information if you are looking to sell bulk cards.

Basic Land is not normally something we buy, but we do make exceptions if we need it. Contact us directly.


Legal Stuff

The Seller agrees to sell goods to The Haunted Game Cafe for an agreed upon amount of Cash or Store Credit. The Seller gives all rights of resale and receipts of resale to The Haunted Game Cafe. Seller acknowledges that the transaction is final and irreversible. There will be no further payments, no returns, and no refunds. Seller certifies that they have legal ownership of the goods, all rights to sell the goods, and that the goods were not obtained by illegal means. Seller acknowledges that the value of the goods may fluctuate post-sale.